Opportunities Fund for Persons With Disabilities

The Opportunities Fund Program is a financial assistance program designed to assist persons with a disability obtain employment through:

  • funding for training
  • wage subsidy
  • funding for adaptive equipment
  • self-employment training

Residents of the following areas are eligible to apply:

  • Sunshine Coast
  • Sea to Sky up to Pemberton
  • Lower Mainland
  • Fraser Valley to Boston Bar and Hope
  • Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands

Financial Assistance
Financial Assistance is negotiable and varies based on individual needs of each applicant.  It may consist of one or more of the following:

  • tuition and books
  • living expenses
  • disability supports
  • a wage subsidy paid to an employer
  • self-employment training
  • dependent care and/or child care
  • adaptive equipment/tools

How can the Opportunities Fund help me?


  • supports you while in training
  • provides accommodations you may need to access the workplace and perform your duties


  • wage subsidy terms are flexible and negotiable
  • reduces hiring and training costs
  • addresses accessibility and accommodation expenses


The Opportunities Fund For Persons with Disabilities is a program of the BC Centre for Ability funded by Employment and Social Development Canada.


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This program was last updated on: 29 Jul 2016.

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